Fawad Ali

 Fawad Ali

    PhD Candidate

t: +61 46 988 6871
e: f.ali.13@student.scu.edu.au

BSc (Hons.) Agriculture in Plant Breeding and Genetics (University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-Pakistan)
MSc (Hons.)/Mphil Agriculture in Plant Breeding and Genetics (University of Agriculture, Faisalabad-Pakistan)

Research interests/background

I am a Plant Breeder and Geneticist and my research sphere rounds about the breeding, genetics and molecular biology of cereal crops (maize, wheat and rice). I have a basic understanding and managing the crop plants to biotic and abiotc stresses, a real problems of today's world for food security issues. Within this sphere, my undergraduate honours project investigated gene (HVA 1) for drought and salinity tolerance in wheat. During my Master of Honours project, to obtain high grain yield maize hybrids in arid/semi-arid zone, I investigated the possible physiological, quality traits and key agronomic factors in maize germplasm under drought and heat stress. Tailing with this approach the drought tolerant genotypes were investigated for maize tissue culturing (using mature and immature embryos for plantlets development) and genetic transformation. Now for PhD at SCU I have planned to conduct research in the molecular genetics of rice and rice grain quality in the context of rice breeding.

Prior to undertaking a PhD, I worked as a Research Scientist/Lab Officer in Department of Viriology (Class-II, PC2 certified Lab) with Punjab Institute of Nuclear Medicine (PINUM), Cancer Hospital, Faisalabad-Pakistan. We focused on molecular diagnosis of Hepatitis-C, Hepatitis-B, Tuberculosis and Fungal Keratitis; also did Research & Development for future horizons and facilities at PINUM for Public. This entailed to extend my experience in molecular biology in health sciences too.

Awards and Scholarship

Turkish Government Scholarship (Burslari May 2015) awarded by Turkish Government for PhD studies.

Korean Government Scholarship (KGSP-August 2015) awarded by Korean Government for PhD studies.

International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS), December-2015 awarded by Australian Government for PhD studies. On the behalf of this award I am currently doing my PhD at Southern Cross University, Lismore-Australia (I have selected IPRS for my future horizons).


Journal Articles

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