Kirsty Langdon

Kirsty Langdon

          PhD Candidate


Graduate Certificate of Education Studies (Adult Education), Murdoch University
Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary Education) University of Otago
Bachelor of Natural Resource Management, University of New England
Master of Environmental and Local Government Law, Macquarie University

Research interests/background

Kirsty is undertaking her PhD on Macadamia. The project aims to develop an open-source high density genetic linkage map, and integrate this with the genome sequence to determine the relative positions of genes and markers in the macadamia chromosomes. This will help guide future breeding efforts to develop new cultivars, and a better understanding of gene selection during the recent domestication and evolutionary history.


Recent Journals

  • Langdon KS, King GJ, Nock CJ (2019) DNA paternity testing indicates unexpectedly high levels of self-fertilisation in macadamia. Tree Genetics & Genomes. 15:29