Mahmudur Rahman

 Mahmudur Rahman

PhD Candidate

t: +61 6620 3576

Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.), Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh
Masters of Science in Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Asia Pacific, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Masters of Pharmacy, Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh

Research interests/background

Mahmudur Rahman is currently undertaking a PhD degree in Plant Science on alterations in storage protein composition, some specifically with low napin content in Canola (oilseed rape) under the supervision of Dr Bronwyn Barkla and Dr Ben Liu. The outcomes of the study will underpin novel approaches to develop canola or mustard oil crops with improved digestibility and ultimately allow the meal to be exploited as a source of high quality protein. His research interests are proteomics and genomics, seed chemistry, natural product chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology and pharmacoepidemiology.

His initial research aspiration was natural product chemistry and evaluating traditionally used medicinal plants. He started his career with the completion Bachelor of Pharmacy in 2006 in a Pharmaceuticals as a Production officer for International Marketing Products. He moved to the Department of Pharmacy, Northern University Bangladesh (NUB) as a Lecturer in 2007 and was working as an Assistant professor before coming Australia. At NUB, he took Pharmacy undergraduate classes, conducted practical classes and supervised undergraduate thesis researches. He passed the A grade Pharmacy Registration Examination under Bangladesh Pharmacy Council in 2008. He was engaged with Southern Cross Plant Science, Southern Cross University, Australia as a Visiting Researcher from June 1st  2015 to May 31st 2016.

Mahmud started as a Casual Academic (Teaching) for Chemistry with School of Environment, Science and Engineering for in-campus, online and residential student groups from July 2019.


Other Activities:

Collaborator, Medicine Stability Database. Project details:


International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS) and Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) 2016


Research Articles

  • Rahman M, Khatun A, Liu L, Barkla B. (2018) Brassicaceae Mustards: Traditional and Agronomic Uses in Australia and New Zealand. Molecules 23 (1), 231 ; doi:10.3390/molecules23010231. (Impact factor 2.861).
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Conference proceedings

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