Priyakshee Borpatra Gohain

Priya Borpatra Gohain

Research Fellow in Plant Breeding & Genetics

t: +61 6620 3576

Researchgate profile: Priyakshee Gohain ResearchGate


PhD in Plant Science (Southern Cross University, Australia)
BSc in Agriculture (Assam Agricultural University, India)
MSc in Plant Breeding & Genetics (Assam Agricultural University, India)

Research interests/background

Dr. Borpatragohain has over ten years of experience in brassica breeding with a strong interest in mineral nutrition and plant metabolites. Her current research interests include:

  • Understanding the crop genome complexity related to sulphur metabolism and pungency of mustard
  • Genetic manipulation of seed storage proteins and glucosinolate of Indian mustard
  • Genetic mapping of Brassica rapa by using next generation sequencing approaches
  • Understanding the interaction between epigenetic marks and potassium variability on brassica genome
  • Breeding mustard genotypes suitable for Australian growing condition.

Additionally, Priya has been applying advanced genomics and single-cell proteomics technologies to understand the links between crop nutrition and crop metabolite production in different brassica species.




  • Sulphur sources and sinks in Brassica juncea L.



  • Borpatragohain P, Rose TJ, King GJ. (2018) Resolving Genomic Interactions between Seed Storage Proteins and Glucosinolate in Mustard. Plant and Animal Genome XXVI Conference 13th – 17th January, San Diego, CA, USA.
  • Borpatragohain P, Rose TJ, Barkla B, Liu L, King GJ. (2016) Response of glucosinolate accumulation to sulphur in brassicas. Eucarpia 29th August – 1st September, Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Borpatragohain P, Rose TJ, King GJ. (2016) Fire and Brimstone: Response of glucosinolate accumulation to sulphur in brassicas. Flash talk. RISE (Research in Environment, Science, and Engineering) 25-26th October SCU, Lismore.
  • Borpatragohain P, Rose TJ, Baten A, King GJ. (2015) Detecting candidate tissue specific signals in cis-regulatory regions of Brassica glucosinolate genes. ComBio, 27th September-1st October, 2015, Melbourne.
  • Borpatragohain P, Rose TJ, King GJ. (2015) Resolving genotypic and environmental contributions to glucosinolate variation in Indian mustard (Brassica juncea). RISE 20-21st October, SCU, Lismore.
  • Chutia, Borpatragohain P, Barua PK. (2012) Genetic variation for nitrogen use efficiency in Indian rapeseed and Mustard. National Seminar on ‘Plant Genetic Research for Eastern & N.E. India’11-12th May, Umiam, Meghalaya, India.


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