Professor Terry Rose

Terry Rose


t: +61 2 6620 3457
f: +61 2 6622 2080



BSc in Agr ( University of Sydney)
PhD in Plant Nutrition (University of Western Australia)

Research interests/background

Prior to undertaking a PhD, I worked as an extension agronomist with NSW Department of Agriculture in Wagga Wagga and then the Hunter Valley, and worked for a private agronomic company in the United Kingdom. From April 2010 until August 2011, I worked in plant biosecurity for Plant Health Australia, a not-for-profit company funded by industry and government based in Canberra.

Current research areas include:

  • Agronomy and nutrition of aerobic rice
  • Herbicide residues in soils and implications for crop growth
  • Phosphorus efficiency of crop plants, focussing on loading of phosphate into grains
  • Enhanced efficiency fertilisers in the subtropics
  • Cover cropping and intercropping in field crops and horticulture
  • Coffee varietal performance in the Australian subtropics and the Pacific
  • Organic agricultural systems (see details at Organic Research Centre website)
  • Recycled organics: impacts of amendments on soils and crops
  • Nitrogen efficiency in subtropical sugarcane systems
  • Subtropical grazing systems
  • New high value crops for coastal cropping systems in the subtropics

Recent Grants/Awards

  • $100,000. Innovations Connections Scheme “Develop AMO’s capability to increase profitability and market reach of volatile oil of mustard” 2017-2018 (Prof. G. King, Assoc. Prof. T. Rose).

  • $306,000. Sugar Research Australia/Rural R&D for Profit “Improved nitrogen use efficiency through accounting for deep soil and mineralisable N supply, and deployment of Enhanced Efficiency Fertilisers to better match crop N demand” 2016-2019 (Dr L. Van Zwieten, Assoc. Prof. T. Rose, Mr R. Beattie).

  • $15,000. Sugar Research Australia mid-career researcher award “Assessing the real nitrogen benefits to subtropical cane from soybean break crops” 2017-2018 (Assoc. Prof. T.Rose).

  • $100,000. Innovations Connections Scheme “Trialling new rice varieties under northern NSW growing conditions” 2017-2018 (Assoc. Prof. T. Rose).

  • $27,000. NSW Tech Voucher Scheme “Fertiliser management strategies to achieve optimum grain yields while reducing nitrogen losses into local waterways” 2017 (Assoc. Prof. T. Rose).

  • $30,000. Australian Meat Processor Corporation PIP “Identification of suitable crops for sustainable bio-remediation of wastewater from a bovine service abattoir” 2016-2017 (Assoc. Prof. B. Barkla, Assoc. Prof. T. Rose).

  • $220,000  Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) "Exploring coffee genetic resources for the pacific islands" 2017-2018 (Ass. Pro. T Rose, Dr W Hancock, Dr K Glencross, Dr D Waters)
  • $1,250,000. Grains Research and Development Corporation "A consortium approach to assessing risk and biological impacts of herbicides in the grains industry" 2013-2017 (Dr L. van Zwieten, Dr M. Rose, Dr N. Seymour, Dr G. McGrath, Dr T. Vancov, Dr T. Rose, Dr A. Baten, Mr S. Kimber, Prof. I. Kennedy, Dr A. Crossan, Dr T. Cavagnaro, Ms A. Jenkins)
  • $703,459. Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Carbon Farming Initiative Action on the Ground program Round 2 "The Fruit Salad Project: Soil amendments in fertigated melons, blueberries and banana production" 2013-2017 (Ms J. Cox, Dr L. van Zwieten, Mr S. Kimber, Dr T. Rose)
  • $697,514. Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Carbon Farming Initiative Action on the Ground program Round 2 “Rice stubble, fertiliser and water management options to reduce N2O emissions and build soil C” 2013-2017 (Mr A. Bomm, Dr T. Rose, Dr L. van Zwieten, Mr S. Kimber, Dr D. Erler, Mr R. Ford)

  • $737,904. Department of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries Carbon Farming Initiative Action on the Ground program Round 2 “Nitrogen management to mitigate N2O in sugarcane- a high input industry” 2013-2017 (Mr R. Quirk, Dr L. van Zwieten, Dr T. Rose, Mr S. Kimber, Mr G. Butler, Dr S. Donne)

Recent Publications

Recent Book Chapters

  • Kant, J; lshizaki, T; Pariaska-Tanaka, J; Rose, T; Wissuwa, M; Watt, M (2018) What is the phosphorus efficient phenotype of rice? In Rice 14-20 pp INTECH, Zagreb.
  • , M; Rose, TJ; Chin, JH; Heuer, S; Krishnan, SG; Singh, AK (2017) Nutrient homeostasis and breeding for nutrient starvation tolerance in rice. In Ahmed (ed.) Physiological mechanisms and adaptation strategies in plants under changing environment. Springer NY.
  • Rose, TJ; Bowden, B (2013) Matching soil nutrient supply and crop demand during the growing season. In Rengel (ed.) Improving water- and nutrient-use efficiency in food production systems. Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester UK.

Recent Journal Articles

  • Borpatragohain P,  Rose TJ, Liu L, Barkla BJ, Raymond  CA, King GJ (2019) Remobilisation and fate of sulphur in mustard. Annals of Botany, mcz101,
  • Rose TJ, Kearney LJ (2019) Biomass Production and Potential Fixed Nitrogen Inputs from Leguminous Cover Crops in Subtropical Avocado Plantations. Agronomy 2019, 9, 70; doi:10.3390/agronomy9020070
  • Borpatragohain P, Rose TJ, Liu L, Raymond C, Barkla BJ, King GJ (2019) Seed glucosinolate yield is maximized by higher rates of sulfur nutrition than required for seed yield in condiment mustard (Brassica juncea L.). PLoSONE, in press
  • Claassens, A., Rose, M. T., Van Zwieten, L., Weng, Z., & Rose, T. J. (2019). Soilborne glyphosate residue thresholds for wheat seedling metabolite profiles and fungal root endophyte colonisation are lower than for biomass production in a sandy soil. Plant and Soil.
  • Rose TJ, Kearney L, Erler D, Van Zwieten L (2018) Integration and potential nitrogen contributions of green manure inter-row legumes in coppiced tree cropping systems. European Journal of Agronomy  103 47–53
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