William Eickhoff

William Eickhoff

Senior Analytical Technician

t: +61 2 6626 9358
f: +61 2 6622 3459
e: bill.eickhoff@scu.edu.au


Bill's main role at SCPS is to provide a fast response breakdown service for analytical equipment in the Medicinal Plant Research laboratories. Being very familiar with all technical aspects Bill also provides an important service as a facilitator and mentor, assisting with projects, technical help, and training for staff and students in our labs. Additionally, Bill also looks after the analytical laboratory data handling and management. Having access to sophisticated engineering equipment allows Bill to perform most maintenance and repair-work onsite and with minimal delay and cost. It also allows Bill to design and build specialised equipment for our projects.

Born and educated in Germany Bill started his working life in the chemical industry. He has 35 years of experience with lab instrumentation and infrastructure, most of the last 20 years as a manager in a university research environment. Covering most aspects of general analytical laboratory equipment and techniques, Bill's special field of expertise is in the area of preparation, filtration, purification, concentration, chromatography and analysis of plant materials. Ranging from analytical to pilot scale work this covers a diverse range of steam, pressure, high-vacuum, cryogenic and ultrapure gas driven techniques and equipment.