Breeding program matching oil quality with market demand

It's an essential item in any Australian household - tea tree oil.

Tea tree flowering in a living collection of diverse tea tree growing at Southern Cross University’s campus at Lismore, NSW.

Southern Cross University is excited to be part of a new tea tree breeding program based at our Lismore campus, advanced by a $1.6 million industry agreement to support future viability and profitability of the Australian tea tree industry.

The University’s project leader Dr Merv Shepherd from Southern Cross Plant Science Research is looking forward to contributing to the ongoing growth and profitability of an important rural industry.

“Having the tea tree breeding program based at a regional University in the heart of a major growing district will stimulate inter-disciplinary research in genetics, agronomy, product quality and efficacy, which will inform breeding, increase its effectiveness, and provide obvious logistical benefits in the operation of the program.” he said.

The program brings together the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association (Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil), AgriFutures Australia Tea Tree Oil Program and Southern Cross University.

Mervyn Shepherd

Dr Merv Shepherd

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