Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology

The Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology is a professional-entry-level degree that aims to produce graduates who will be eligible to register as an accredited exercise physiologist (AEP). Accredited exercise physiologists can provide exercise testing, preventative exercise programs and specialist rehabilitation exercise interventions for people living with chronic diseases, disability or injury.

The course includes clinical placements at on-campus or off-campus locations, for students to gain practical experience in cardiorespiratory, musculoskeletal, metabolic, neuromuscular and immunological rehabilitation exercise.

Clinical exercise physiology is an allied health profession that is part of the Medicare, Department of Veterans' Affairs and private health insurance systems.

The course provides an advanced understanding of the theoretical and practical components of clinical exercise physiology.

The course covers Exercise and Sport Science Australia target pathologies including cardiac disease, pulmonary conditions, cancer, metabolic diseases, renal disease, musculoskeletal conditions and injuries, neurological and immunological conditions and exercise for mental health. Graduates will be able to apply knowledge to specific population groups, including older people.

Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Complete your MCEP in 2 sessions

Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Students who have graduated from our Sport and Exercise Science program can complete the Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology degree in only 2 Sessions as four of the units (listed in Yr 1 below) are embedded into the undergraduate degree.

Career Opportunities

Graduates are suited to employment in various settings including private practice with referrals from General Practitioners, rehabilitation centres, community health, multidisciplinary allied health clinics, workplace health centres, hospitals and aged care facilities.

Clinical exercise physiology is a relatively new allied health profession. Accredited exercise physiologists work in chronic disease prevention and management, and rehabilitation services (chronic disease and musculoskeletal rehabilitation) in rural and metropolitan areas.


YearSessionUnit CodeUnit Name
1 Session 1 PSY81001 Advanced Sport & Exercise Psychology
HMV81001 Exercise Physiology for Specific Populations 
YearSessionUnit CodeUnit Name
1 Session 2 PSY81001 Metabolic Health
HMV81001 Small Business and Entrepreneurship for Sport, Exercise and Allied Health 
YearSessionUnit CodeUnit Name
2 Session 1 CEP92002 Cardiovascular Health
CEP91001 Clinical Exercise Physiology for Chronic Conditions 
CEP92003 Advanced Professional Practice I
YearSessionUnit CodeUnit Name
2 Session 2 CEP92001 Musculoskeletal
CEP93001 Clinical Exercise Physiology for Neurological Conditions
CEP93002 Advanced Professional Practice II