Corporate records system

Log into Staff Corporate Records System

All staff can browse through or search the database, but certain files, records and e-records may be classified so that access to them (or even knowledge of their existence) is restricted to staff of an organisational unit or a group of authorised personnel.

Only File Station Administrators will be able to create files, add records to those files, give staff membership of privileged access groups, and produce reports.

File Station Administrators are responsible for:

  • ensuring that adequate documentation is created that provides evidence of the activities undertaken and decisions implemented in their organisational unit
  • ensuring that the appropriate documentation is registered by data entry in the Corporate Records Database established by the Corporate Records Unit
  • attaching all records to the appropriate University file
  • forwarding Central File records to the Corporate Records Unit for creation of a Central File or capture into an existing Central File
  • ensuring that access to the records is efficient and complies with the University's obligations under FOI, privacy and copyright
  • ensuring that NO University file is destroyed without an Appraisal Form having been completed and signed appropriately.

Please contact the Corporate Records Unit for further information.