Equity and Inclusion focus on staff who are:

There is a range of training & development opportunities available to assist staff to broaden their understandings and cultural competence and enhance their skill-set.

Southern Cross University proudly supports the Human Rights Commission of Racism. It Stops With Me campaign. As a supporter organisation, we commit to undertake activities to challenge racist attitudes and to educate about racism and its detrimental effects on all of society.

For more information please contact Equity Coordinator, Rob Cumings.

What is EEO?

EEO or Equal Employment Opportunity means that all peoples regardless of gender, race, colour, age, marital or parental status, sexuality or gender diversity, disability or religious belief have the right to be given fair consideration for a job or other job-related benefits such as staff training and development.

Southern Cross University has an EEO policy and procedures in place to ensure that employment practices are free from discrimination, and that appointment is based on merit.

The University's Strategic Plan lists the following Value Statements:

  • Social Justice - We advance human rights and are committed to providing opportunities for students and staff in an inclusive, culturally safe environment.
  • Ethical Behaviour - We act with integrity in an honest, fair, equitable and accountable manner in all our dealings.

EO Online

EO Online is an interactive equal opportunity workshop which aims to provide staff with better understandings of equal opportunity and its application at the University. The program promotes awareness of discrimination and harassment issues and provides an understanding of the legal rights and responsibilities of staff.

The University also has a Harassment, Bullying & Discrimination Prevention Policy in place.

LGBTIQ+ Ally Network

The Ally Network is a university-wide commitment to the inclusion, success and celebration of our lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTIQ+) colleagues (and students). We believe that staff and students should be able to bring their whole selves to the University.