Lismore Campus

Fusion Festival new logo 2019

The 2019 Fusion Festival is being held at Lismore campus on Wednesday 28 August 2019 with the festival program commencing around 11:30am and concluding at approximately 1:30pm.


Festival-goers are able to taste free samples of cuisines from around the world! The menu includes tarts and slices, spring rolls and curry puffs, dahl, vegetarian curry, sushi, bush-tucker desserts, Kimchi and an Aussie BBQ.

Festival Highlights

Monkey Monkey Shake Shake

Described as a “neo-Dada, punk-crafted explosion” (Byron Arts Magazine), Monkey Monkey Shake Shake mash up music, performance, costume, dance, art, comedy, animation and film - creating their own irresistible mythology, characters, and genre-defying world.

Inspired by a bear, they danced and filmed the Grizzly Bear song on the streets of Byron and Brisbane. Then Tokyo… then Seoul.

There was a spark that crossed culture, age, genders and all kinds of boundaries. People came out of their shell. So they wrote more songs, made more costumes, and performed on more streets, at a rabbi party, a gallery in Seoul, Brisbane Powerhouse, Splendour in the Craft 2016-18, Falls Festival ‘17, beaches, train stations, and AGI Open - the world's biggest design conference.

Monkey Monkey Shake Shake shared their joy through musical performances and were a festival favourite of the children from the University's Child Care Centre.

Liliana Andres Hernandez


Liliana Andres Hernandez, a PhD student from Mexico, shared the tradition behind piñatas. A piñata is a decorated figure, usually of an animal, containing hidden treats that is suspended above the crowd and broken open as part of a celebration.

Liliana invited festival-goers to participate in breaking her hand-made traditional piñata to reveal the Mexican treasures inside. 


Festival Information Stalls & Activities

Henna Harem

Henna Harem pops-up at a number of music and cultural festivals throughout the year.  They see henna body adornment as a great accompaniment to celebrations of culture. 

Henna Harem provides a professional service using a natural, hand-mixed plant paste. All work is delicately hand-drawn, allowing flexibility of design.  

Relax whilst being adorned and let henna’s magic weave around you.


Wear it Purple

Wear it Purple is a national movement to support the health and well-being of young lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) people. Wear It Purple lets young people know that they have the right to be proud of who they are regardless of their sex, sexuality or gender identity. Wear it Purple is simple ... it is about respect.

Wear It Purple aims to create a world safe for all young people, regardless of their gender or sexual identity, in which they are free to learn, grow and belong.

The Equity & Diversity Office and QSCU hosted a Wear It Purple information stall at the festival. Festival-goers were invited to wear purple to show their support.

Japanese Cultural Display

Festival-goers are able to visit a Japanese cultural stall to experience Origami and Japanese Letter Writing and find out about opportunities to do a study exchange at a university in Japan as part of their degree.