Reporting Wrongdoing

Southern Cross University is committed to investigating allegations of wrongdoing and protecting people who raise genuine concerns about improper conduct. 

The Whistleblower Policy sets out the framework for making a report of wrongdoing and how such reports will be managed.  Only certain serious reports of wrongdoing will qualify as Whistleblower Reports and entitle the person making the report to protection against reprisal actions.

The types of reports that qualify for protection:

  1. Public Interest Disclosures
  2. Reports under the Corporations Act and the Taxation Administration Act

The Whistleblower Report Summary sets out the specific requirements for each type of report including: 

  • Who makes the report
  • What the report is about
  • Who the report is made to

You are encouraged to contact the Disclosures Coordinator if you have any questions about making a report of wrongdoing:

Disclosures Coordinator

Belinda Atkinson
Director, Governance Services
Telephone: (02) 6620 3186

Staff grievances should be raised in accordance with the University’s Complaint Policy - Staff and Complaint Procedure - Staff.

Complaints by students which do not relate to wrongdoing, should be made in accordance with the University’s Complaints Policy – Students and Members of the Public.