Statement on Academic or Intellectual Freedom

As a place of independent learning and thought, Southern Cross University is committed to the principles of intellectual freedom, including critical and open inquiry, and the free expression of ideas and opinion. 

The University’s Code of Conduct safeguards intellectual freedom by setting out the rights and responsibilities of University staff within the framework of accountability as a public institution.

University staff have the right to participate in public debates and express opinions about their discipline or profession, general social issues and higher education issues. They have the right to participate in decision-making processes within the University via appropriate representation on University committees and in professional and representative bodies, without fear of harassment or intimidation (Code of Conduct).

These values are also encapsulated in the University's Enterprise Agreement.

Staff must balance their right to intellectual freedom with their legal responsibilities and be mindful not to defame, slander, harass, vilify, bully or intimidate those who disagree with their views (Code of Conduct).

To assist staff in exercising their entitlement to make comments to the media, the University provides guidelines under its Media Policy and Procedures.

The University has a well-established framework for academic governance, which ensures that courses and units are developed and approved in accordance with academic standards, best practice and the Higher Education Standards Framework. 

Southern Cross University is a young, progressive university with a strong commitment to engaging with our region, as well as nationally and internationally. The University is proud to support its staff to contribute to community debate in a positive and respectful manner.