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Abandonment of employment
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment
Absenteeism related to personal leave
Academic - casual centre
Academic casual employment register
Academic performance review plan
Academic workload framework
Academic staff - minimum standards
Academic probation procedures
Academic probation report
Academic promotions application - levels B
Academic promotions application - levels C, D & E
Academic promotions policy and procedures
Academic role statements
Academic salary rates: Levels A - E
Academic casual rates of pay - see Casual academic rates of pay
Academic staff portfolios
Academic staff portfolio form
Academic staff portfolio guide
Acting arrangements for Heads of Work Units
Additional annual leave in lieu of leave loading
Additional annual leave in lieu of leave loading - application form
Additional casual hours
Additional responsibilities
Adjunct, visiting and conjoint appointment cover sheet
Adjunct, visiting and conjoint appointments policy
Adoption leave
Alcohol and drugs
Alcohol on University premises form
Annual leave procedures
Annual leave - cash payment application
Application for upfront payment of student contribution fees
Application for assistance with full fee paying postgraduate study
Application for study assistance
Appointment policy - see Recruitment and Selection policy
Appointment of School Directors of Teaching and Learning - guidelines
Apprenticeships and traineeships
Apprenticeships and traineeships - supervisor's toolkit
Attendance record procedures


Bullying-refer to harassment, bullying & discrimination prevention policy


Career development program - see Professional Staff Career Development Program
Career development program application
Carer's leave procedures
Casual academic centre
Casual academic employment register
Casual academic employees - record of interview and selection
Casual academic rates and definitions
Casual academic staff: a quick guide
Casual additional hours
Casual Contract Hub
Casual employment register - academic employees 
Casual employment register - professional employees
Casual pay schedule
Cash payment application - annual leave
Certificates of service
Change in employment fraction
Change management
Change management plan template
Change of name
Change process - Head of Work Unit procedure
Children on campus
Child safe environment policy and procedures
Christmas/New Year University closure
Classification procedures for professional positions
Classification descriptors
Classification review request
Clearance report
Code of conduct
Community service leave procedures
Compassionate leave procedures
Complaints policy - staff
Complaints procedures - staff
Compulsory training for new supervisors
Conclusion of fixed-term appointments
Conjoint appointments
Consultants, volunteers, visitors and work experience induction
Contractor induction
Contacting HR Services
Contesting a Commonwealth, State or Local Government election
Counselling services available to employees
Course coordination - academic employees
Course coordinator role statement


Death of an employee
Deferred salary - see Individual flexibility arrangements
Disabilities policy
Discrimination - refer to harassment, bullying & discrimination prevention policy
Domestic violence support
Driving safety policy
Drug and alcohol policy


Emergency assembly area map - Gold Coast campus
Emergency assembly area map - Lismore campus
Emergency evacuation training
Emergency services leave procedures
Emergency wardens
Emeritus Faculty Program
Employee assistance program
Employee benefits
Employees called as witnesses
Employee details
Employee information
Employee relocation assistance agreement - Relocation assistance agreement
Employee engagment survey 
Employee wellness program
Employees with disabilities policy
Employment variations
Employment variation form
Enterprise agreement
eSign logon page
eSign procedures
Examination leave procedures
External secondments


Financial assistance for employees studying policy and procedures - see Study assistance policy and procedures
First aid
First aid officers
Fixed-term conclusion - employee acknowledgement
Fixed-term appointment nomination
Fixed-term appointment conclusions
Flexitime - 4 week flex period calendar
Flexitime fact sheet


GHS Hazardous Chemical Information List
Gold Coast emergency evacuation training
Grievances - see complaint policy - staff
Guest lecture casual claim form
Guidelines for the appointment of School Directors of Teaching and Learning
Gym & Pool (SCU Fitness for You) membership fees - salary sacrificing
Gym & Pool (SCU Fitness for You) membership fees - salary sacrificing application


Harassment, bullying and discrimination prevention policy
Hazardous Chemical Information List (GHS)
Hazardous substances
Head of School role statement
Heads of Work Units - leave and acting arrangements
Health and safety conduct on campus
Health and safety procedures for working with microorganisms
Health and safety representatives (HSRs) list
Hepatitis virus - see Blood-borne pathogens policy
Hours of work for professional employees 
HR delegations
HR resources for new supervisors
Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) - see Blood-Borne Pathogens Policy


Ill-health termination
Incremental progression
Incident, accident, hazard report
Indigenous employment - see Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employment
Individual flexibility arrangements
InductionInduction checklist template
Induction guide for supervisors
Induction feedback form
Induction forms, documents and tools
Induction for new employees
Information for selection panel members
Injury management and rehabilitation policy
Injury management flowchart
Injury management system
Introductory WHS training
Invalidity retirement


Jobs @ SCU
- Applying for a position
- The selection process
- Information for international applicants
Jury service leave procedures


Laboratory safety manual
Laboratory safety training 
Leadership capability framework
Leadership and management
Leadership and management development programs
Leave application
Leave - adoption
Leave - annual
Leave - carer's
Leave - community service
Leave - compassionate
Leave - emergency services
Leave - examination
Leave - jury service
Leave - loading
Leave - long service
Leave - maternity/primary caregivers
Leave - military
Leave - parental
Leave - partner
Leave - personal
Leave - special
Leave - supervisor's guide
Leave - without pay
Leave and acting arrangements for Heads of Work Units
Lock out and tag out procedures
Leave loading
Long service leave


Managing for performance
Management and leadership
Managing unsatisfactory performance procedure
Manual handling training 
Maternity leave - see parental leave procedures
Mental wellbeing
Microorganisms - health and safety procedures
Microbiology investigation form 
Military leave procedures
Minimum standards for academic staff
Misconduct/serious misconduct
MyHR (logon)


Name change of an employee
New employee induction


OCID chemical database
Online induction for new employees
Online training programs
Organisation development
Orientation and induction
Outdoor fieldwork safety policy
Outside work policy
Outside work application
Overseas travel
Overtime provisions - professional staff


Parental leave procedures
Payment of student contribution fees - application
Pay rates
Performance review and planning (PRP) policy and procedures
Performance review plan - academic employees
- Performance review plan - professional employees
- Performance review plan - senior managers - Results and achievement plan - senior managers
PRP tools, guidelines and tips
Performance management
Personal protective equipment policy
Personal relationships policy
Policy & procedures
Portfolio - academic employees
Portfolio form - academic employees
Position description template - professional positions
Primary caregiver's leave - see parental leave procedures
Probation procedures
Probation report for academic employees
Probation report for professional employees
Professional learning
- Professional learning programs
- Online training programs
- Leadership and management programs
Professional positions - classification
Professional Staff Career Development Program
Professional staff career development program application
Professional positions - Classification descriptors
Professional employees - position description template

Professional employees - request for classification review form
Professional employees - rewards program
Promotions - academic level B application
Promotions - academic levels C, D & E application
Public holidays


Casual academic staff: a quick guide


Radiation safety manual
Rates of pay
Record of interview and selection - casual employees
Recruitment of casual academic employees - record of interview and selection
Recruitment & selection policy
Recruitment and selection procedures - casual employees
Recruitment and selection procedures - fixed-term and continuing employees
Recruitment - information for selection panel members
Recruitment form (request to advertise)
Reduction in hours of appointment
Referee report (verbal)
Relieving appointments
Relocation of existing employees initiated by the University
Relocation assistance agreement
Removal assistance available for new appointees
Remuneration and employee benefits
Request for classification review
Research Productive Definition
Resources for supervisors
Retirement transition strategies
Rewards program for professional employees
Rewards program nomination form
Risk assessment template 
Risk management procedure - WHS
Role statements
Rostered hours - professional staff


Safety manual - laboratory see Laboratory safety manual
Safe working procedure data sheets
Safety support officers
Salary increments
Salary rates
Salary sacrificing
Salary sacrificing application - casual employees
Salary sacrificing application - fixed term and continuing employees
Salary sacrificing - motor vehicles (novated leases)
Salary sacrificing - other items
Salary sacrificing application - SCU Fitness for You membership fees
Salary sacrificing SCU Fitness for You membership fees
Salary sacrificing - superannuation contributions
Salary packaging
Sample - Bio Lab induction postgrad form
Sample - Bio Lab sample assessment form
Sample - SEM Lab sample assessment form
Sample - WHS training & fieldwork participation form
SASS superannuation scheme
School Directors of Teaching and Learning - guidelines for appointment
School Directors of Teaching and Learning - role statement
SCU academic workload framework
Selection panels - information
Self assessment for office workers  - see WHS self-assessment for office workers
Shift penalties - claim form
Sick leave - see Personal leave
Smoke-free workplace policy
Special leave
Special studies program policy and procedures - academic employees
Special studies application
Special studies information
Spouse leave - see partner leave
SSS superannuation scheme
Staff engagment survey 2017
Staff recruitment form
Staff training and development - see professional learning
Statutory declaration
Study assistance
Study assistance - application form
Study assistance - course approval
Study assistance - upfront payment of student contribution fees application
Supervisor resources
Supervisor's guide to induction
Supervisor's guide to leave
Survey - staff engagement 2017


Tag out procedures
Teaching scholar role statement
Temporary employment variation form
Temporary variation in hours form - see Variation in hours
Termination on the grounds of ill-health
Time-off-in-lieu of overtime for professional employees
Trainee selection report
Traineeships and apprenticeships
Traineeships and apprenticeships - supervisor's toolkit
Training and development - see professional learning
Training calendar - see professional learning calendar
Training for new employees
Training for new supervisors
Transition to retirement
Transportation, storage and disposal of hazardous substances
Travel and removal assistance - new appointees
Travel and removal assistance - existing employees relocating from one campus to another
Travelling time for professional employees
Travel overseas
Tuition fees - application form for upfront payment
Tuition fees - procedures relating to upfront payment


Unit assessing
Unit assessor role statement
Unsatisfactory performance
Upfront payment of student contribution fees procedures
Upfront payment of student fees - application


Vaccination policy and procedures
Variations in employment fractions
Variation in hours
Variation in hours form
Verbal referee report
Visas sponsored by SCU
Visiting appointments policy and procedures
Volunteer attendance record
Volunteer policy
Volunteer registration form


Wellness @ SCU
Wellness program
Workers' compensation procedures
Workforce planning
Workforce planning guidelines
Working with children agreement
Working with children - state and territory obligations
Working with microorganisms - health and safety procedures 
Workplace health and safety
Work Unit WHS checklist
WHS inductions
WHS induction - consultants, volunteers, visitors and work experience
WHS induction - contractors
WHS management system
WHS - Risk assessment template 
WHS - Risk management procedure
WHS self-assessment for office workers
WHS - training
Work unit template - specific WHS requirements