Leave loading


1. These provisions apply where employment is governed by the University's current Enterprise Agreement. Leave loading provisions under other industrial instruments may differ.

2. Casual employees are not entitled to a leave loading payment.


3. An employee is entitled to receive a leave loading payment assessed on leave accrued during the twelve month period between 1 January and 31 December each year.

4. Where an employee has served less than a full twelve months, a pro-rata entitlement (assessed on working days) is payable.

5. Employees who have part-time appointments are eligible for leave loading on a pro-rata basis.


6. Leave loading payment is based on 17.5% of four weeks ordinary salary.

7. Leave loading is paid on the first payday in December each year.

8. The maximum payment for a professional employee's leave loading is based on the maximum salary for a Higher Education Worker Level 10. The maximum payment for an academic employee's leave loading is based on the maximum salary for an academic Level B Year 6.

9. Where an employee's entitlement to leave loading, based on 17.5% of four weeks salary, is less than the maximum payment as calculated in paragraph 8, the lesser amount is payable.

10. Leave loading is based on the employee's salary as at the first payday in December.

11. Where an additional responsibilities allowance or relieving allowance has been received continuously for a period of twelve months it will be regarded as salary for assessing payment of leave loading.

Additional annual leave in lieu of leave loading

12. As an alternative to leave loading, and where their annual leave accrual does not exceed the maximum accrual of eight weeks at the time of application, employees may elect to receive additional annual leave. A full-time employee will receive an additional three and one half days annual leave (pro-rata for part-time employees). The additional leave must be taken before 31 March of the following year.

Payment of leave loading on cessation

13. Where an employee's employment is terminated for any reason other than misconduct, the employee will be entitled to a pro-rata leave loading payment calculated on the basis of working days of service from the preceding 1 January (or commencement date, which ever is the later) to the date of resignation.