Relocation of positions between University localities

1. Proposals for the relocation of positions will be considered with reference to a number of criteria, including but not limited to:

  • Details of the benefits to the Work Unit/Executive Portfolio/University;
  • An estimate of any costs involved;
  • Confirmation that there are adequate resources in place (including space) at the new location; and
  • The effective date of the proposed relocation.

2. Proposals that involve the forced relocation of positions, will be managed in accordance with the significant workplace change process outlined in Part 8 of the University’s current Enterprise Agreement.

3. For further information regarding the making of a proposal, and the approval process for the relocation of positions, please contact your HR Business Partner.

4. Where a request for relocation has been approved and the employee incurs expenses moving to their new location, assistance may be available in accordance with the Relocation Assistance Policy and Procedures.