1. A resignation refers to an employee's voluntary termination of employment with the University other than by retirement, medical retirement, voluntary early retirement or abandonment of employment.


2. Refer to the Delegations webpage for the delegations relating to resignations.


3. The resignation must be effective from close of business on a working day. Resignations will not be accepted on a day immediately following the University Christmas closure.

4. The following notice periods apply when employment is governed by the University's current Enterprise Agreement unless the employee's individual contract specifically states otherwise. Notice periods may differ where employment is governed by other industrial instruments:

  • Professional employees: Four weeks
  • Academic employees: Three months

5. If an employee fails to give notice, the University has the right to withhold monies due to the employee up to a maximum amount equal to the employee's ordinary rate of pay for the relevant notice period.

6. At the request of the employee, a reduction in the notice periods may be approved by the relevant delegated officer.

Termination payments

7. Termination payments will be paid at the rate of the employee's substantive salary at the date of resignation. Where employees have been receiving salary allowances (excluding allowances such as overtime, first aid, shift penalties and allowances in lieu of shift penalties) for 12 months or more immediately prior to resignation, termination payments will be paid at the rate of the substantive salary plus the salary allowance.

8. Unless the relevant industrial agreement or the employee's individual contract specifically state otherwise, employees (other than casual employees) are eligible for the following termination payments:

9. Casual employees only receive payment for the hours actually worked and must submit their final pay claim on or before their last day of service.

10. Where a casual employee has an entitlement for LSL under the relevant state Long Service Leave Act, the casual employee will receive payment in lieu of accrued LSL.

Special studies program

11. In accordance with the Special Studies Program Policy, academic employees are required to complete a period of service after completing their special studies program. Where an employee resigns before completing the required period of service they will be required to repay any financial assistance provided by the University as part of their special studies program.

Relocation assistance

12. Employees who have received relocation assistance under the provisions of the Relocation Assistance Policy and resign within two years of commencing the appointment are required to repay the whole or part of the travel and removal assistance received.

13. Where the University initiates the relocation of an employee from their existing workplace to work at another SCU locality, the University reserves the right to recover all, or a portion, of the removal assistance provided. Recovery is determined on a case by case basis with regard being given to individual circumstances.

Return of University property

14. Resigning employees are required to return all University property (eg. keys, library materials, equipment [including laptops, mobile phones and iPads], stores items, charge cards, SIM cards and deactivate mobile services) prior to resignation.

Providing feedback on resignation

15. Employees are invited to share their thoughts and perspective on working at the University.  Participation is voluntary and responses are confidential and anonymous. Information provided is collated and individual responses are not identified.

16. HR Services use the information provided to help create a better work experience for current and future staff.

17. Employees are given the option to provide their feedback using the online exit survey or in person by contacting a HR Consultant to make an appointment.


18. Written resignations are to be approved by the Head of Work Unit before being sent to HR Services.

19. HR Services will advise the employee in writing that their resignation has been accepted and invite them to provide their feedback using the online exit survey or in person with a HR Consultant. 

20. A copy of the advice sent to the employee will be referred to the employee's Head of Work Unit together with a clearance report which must be completed prior to the employee's departure.

21. A completed Clearance report is an audit requirement for all staff ceasing employment with the University. The completed form is filed on the employee's file.