Professional staff career development program

The Professional Staff Career Development Program supports professional employees in their continued workplace development within the University and is available for approved professional development activities. The program operates in addition to and supplements programs already offered by the University through the Professional Learning Calendar, and other University work units.

The program supports professional development activities, identified through the annual performance management and career development process, which align with University goals and priorities and will be of mutual benefit to the employee and the University.

Applications will be assessed on merit with consideration being given to the quality and value of the proposed development activity, as well as the relevance of the activity to the employee’s current and proposed career path.

The University will endeavour to distribute available funds equitably across all HEW levels on an annual basis.

Applications are strongly encouraged from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees and from employees at HEW 4 and below.

Assistance available

Up to a maximum of $5,000 per successful application is available and includes reasonable associated travel and accommodation. Awarded funds must be spent within 12 months.

Funds will be allocated through an annual application process facilitated through HR Services.

Where the cost of the activity or program exceeds the $5,000 limit, employees may be required to contribute to the cost of their participation.


Continuing and fixed-term professional employees (HEW 1 – 10) with at least 12 months service and two years remaining within an existing contract as at the closing date of applications are eligible to apply.

Applications that do not meet the eligibility requirements, may be approved by the Director, HR Services in exceptional circumstances.

A limit of one successful application per employee every three years applies.

Group, team and retrospective applications will not be considered.

Application requirements

Career development program application - professional employees is to be completed by the employee and their supervisor and submitted when the annual call for applications is made each year.

The employee’s most recent Performance Review Plan (PRP) and current position description are to be attached to their application.

Eligible development activities

Eligible development activities include professional development courses, programs and workshops offered by professional institutions or accredited private providers that provide a clear, demonstrable and relevant outcome and cost benefit. Mentoring programs and placements in industry or external organisations will also be considered.

Information technology or technology based programs must align and be consistent with current University systems, software and process, and must not duplicate existing Technology Services applications or practices. If further clarification is required please contact Technology Services prior to submitting an application.

Leadership or management programs must align with the University’s Leadership Capability Framework and be endorsed by HR Services. Please contact the Learning and Development Advisor prior to submitting and application.

Tertiary courses leading to formal qualifications are supported through other policies and programs and do not form part of this scheme. In addition, non-award units supported through the Study Assistance Policy will not qualify for additional support through this scheme.

Professional development programs leading to personal accreditation may only be part funded with the remaining funds being paid by the Work Unit or employee.

Conference attendance will not be supported through this program.


HR Services will call for applications in March each year following the annual performance review process.

Applications will be considered by a Committee consisting of:

  • Director, Human Resources (Chair)
  • One Head of Work Unit
  • One Team Leader
  • One HR Manager.

In considering applications, the level of contribution already provided to the employee in the previous three year period will be assessed (including paid study leave, study assistance, external and internal training or development programs completed). The Committee will also review each employee’s PRP and position description and take into account their supervisor’s feedback regarding performance.

Where an employee’s application is not approved, they will be provided with feedback regarding the Committee’s decision and will be eligible to apply for financial support in the following year’s program.

Successful applicants are required to note the program or activity within their PRP.

All assistance provided through the Professional Staff Career Development Program will be centrally recorded.