Emeritus Faculty Program

Southern Cross University recognises the substantial intellectual and social value of our human resources – their knowledge, experience and expertise as well as their long-held connections to the various academic and professional communities (internal and external) in which they have worked. It is also recognised that when our employees retire from employment, the institution loses this’ human capital’ to the disadvantage of both the employee and Southern Cross University.

In response, the University has established an Emeritus Faculty. The Emeritus Faculty is a prestigious opportunity for members of the SCU community to continue associating with the scholarly, creative, and cultural life of the University upon retirement.

Through their continued participation in research or engagement activities, including networking, supervision and collaboration with external organisations, members of the Emeritus Faculty enhance the profile and reputation of the University and contribute to its ongoing achievements.

Emeritus Faculty members are invited to play an active role in the leadership and mentoring of early career staff as well as provide input and advice into relevant SCU academic planning and development initiatives.

Benefits of Emeritus Faculty membership

  • Title of 'Member of Emeritus Faculty, Southern Cross University'.
  • Small grants made available from an “Emeritus Scholarship” account for use by the appointee in either scholarship or engagement activities which support their academic profile and maintain an ongoing relationship with SCU. In brief, these are for ‘approved academic purposes’.
  • Ongoing support through:
    • Access to SCU systems (email, intranet);
    • Shared office / building access;
    • Insurance (professional indemnity / travel) for agreed scholarly activities;
    • Access to internal services such as research support services; and
    • Invitation and access to relevant SCU forums, workshops, briefings, seminars and so on.
  • An active listing on the SCU staff directory.
  • Regular convening of an annual Emeritus Faculty Advisory Group to provide input into SCU – its future and ideas for growth and success.
  • An invitation to deliver a public lecture as part of their new appointment – with options around content (academic discipline area, their highlights and challenges in their career).
  • Opportunity to be a mentor to suitable early career / junior staff.

Becoming a member of the SCU Emeritus Faculty

Membership of the SCU Emeritus Faculty is available to previous employees of Southern Cross University who:

  • have an existing honorary emeritus appointment with SCU;
  • have retired from SCU and hold an existing adjunct appointment with SCU; or
  • have retired from SCU within the previous 12 month period.

Staff must have been at Level C or above and have made a recognised contribution to the University in terms of scholarship.

Membership of the Emeritus Faculty includes  retired employees  who continue to work part-time (normally 20% or less) on a temporary, consultancy or project basis, and those who are on extended leave leading to their formal retirement date.  Normal conflict of interest obligations and procedures will apply to members engaged in paid employment with employers other than SCU. 

When an employee indicates an intention to retire from the University, the Head of Area may recommend to the Vice Chancellor that the employee be invited to join the SCU Emeritus Faculty. Eligible employees may also apply directly through HR Services. Selection is entirely merit-based, and applications will be assessed on the basis of a resume and an outline of their proposed future engagement activities.

For further details please contact HR Services.

Email recommendations to: hr@scu.edu.au.