Leadership and management development programs

In addition to the compulsory programs you must complete as a manager or supervisor, the following development opportunities are available to build leadership and management capability.

If you would like to participate in any of the following programs speak with your manager then register your interest with od@scu.edu.au.


Program Outline
Leadership and Management Development Program A significant opportunity for new managers and aspiring leaders to develop their skills. This program offers a combination of workshops, projects, mentoring and coaching.

The format of the program is 3 x three day workshops over a period of 12 months. A strong commitment from participants is required as it is essential you attend all workshops.

Further information can be found on the Foresight Learning website.

People Managers Workshop
This is not training as such, but rather an opportunity to talk through and share experiences in managing people and understanding the frameworks we have in place to support supervisors and managers.

It is a great chance to network with peers around the University and reflect on the ways we might approach the inevitable challenges in managing personalities, teams, expectations and policies effectively.

The workshop is facilitated by experts from the HR team and focuses on several core areas:

  • Organising and managing your people within our policies and systems;
  • Managing a safe and respectful work environment;
  • Good workplace relations practices;
  • Managing performance;
  • Leadership support;
  • Other support and opportunities available to you.
360 Degree Survey A specialist tool to support leadership development, providing insights from your manager, peers, and direct reports.

A 360 Degree Survey allows you to receive honest and useful feedback regarding your strengths and areas for improvement from those who work with you.

Contact your Business Partner to discuss your needs and whether the 360 tool is right for you.

Coaching Develop strategies to reflect, plan and reach your full potential with personal coaching.

Contact your  to discuss your needs and how we can organise suitable coaching to assist you to:

  • Set goals;
  • Take action to ensure sustainable behaviour change; and
  • Reflect and understand individual goals, organisational goals and personal potential.
Other Leadership and Management Programs There are a range of advanced leadership and management programs available. Please contact your Business Partner to discuss your needs and the options available.


Tailored programs for teams, groups or work units

The following programs are available on demand and may be tailored to suit individuals, teams or work units with particular needs or requirements.

New programs not listed below may also be sourced and/or developed where a need arises. Please discuss your needs with your Business Partner.

Program Outline
The Digital Matrix
Do you know what your digital footprint looks like? It might be bigger than you think.
The Digital Matrix is a digital literacies program created to enhance SCU staff knowledge and engagement with digital technologies. These practical skills can be applied to our personal lives as well as our professional interactions with students and each other.
Click here to join us on a journey of discovery into The Digital Matrix.
Team Building Are you a manager or supervisor looking for an effective team building workshop or activity? A number of tailored teambuilding/team development tools are available. Examples of team development workshops include:
  • Five Dysfunctions of a Team;
  • Team Management Profile;
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator; and
  • Belbin Team Roles.

Contact your Business Partner to discuss your needs and which solution will best assist you.

Managing the Change Process An opportunity to learn proven techniques to constructively influence the change process and to manage the emotional reactions and resistance along the way.

Further information regarding this program can be found on the Foresight Learning website.

Mental Health in the Workplace This 90-minute program developed by beyondblue provides participants with information about mental health, focussing on anxiety and depression, in order to reduce workplace stigma and support employees who may be experiencing a mental health condition.

The training workshop covers three topics including:

  • Anxiety and depression;
  • The relationship between the workplace and mental health; and
  • Taking action to support someone at work.
Further information regarding this program can be found on the beyondblue website.

HR Services can also facilitate a short toolbox talk session for a group of employees around each of these topics (5min per topic). This involves an informal group discussion focussed on raising awareness of mental health in the workplace.

Excellence in Service Delivery Develop a customer first mindset, practical process, and people skills necessary to ensure customer loyalty.

Further information regarding this workshop can be found on the Foresight Learning website.

Telephone Perfection Training Perfect your professional telephone manner in this one day workshop which focuses on active listening skills so you can effectively tune into and understand your customer needs, control the call effectively, and equip you with the ability to handle difficult customers over the phone.

Further information regarding this program can be found on the Upfront Communications website.