Professional learning programs 2021

If you are interested in attending any of the following programs, speak to your supervisor or manager and complete your nomination for the program through MyHR. Refer to how to nominate for a program if you would like further information.

If you do not have access to MyHR and would like further information or would like to indicate your interest in attending any of the programs, please email hr@scu.edu.au.

ProgramDateDurationLocationTarget group
New to Teaching @ SCU TBC Half day
Gold Coast
Coffs Harbour
All new teaching staff

This Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) workshop is specifically designed to help you engage students and introduce you to the systems, supports and resources available. This is an opportunity to meet other new academic staff and future colleagues.

Privacy Awareness
29 September
1 hour online theory to be completed prior to virtual scenario session All staff

Understand the University’s obligations under Privacy Laws, what information is covered by these laws and how does it apply to you and your position at SCU.  The online component, Privacy Awareness Training, located in the Professional Learning Centre, must be completed prior to participating in the virtual scenario session.

Respectful Workplace
8 October

Online and half day virtual workshop
All staff
(compulsory for Supervisors and Managers)

This program allows you to understand more about how the University ensures a safe workplace for all and your role in upholding our policies and treating your colleagues with respect. This includes information about bullying and harassment, resolution options, early notification, and sources of help.

Staff Selection and Interview Skills
16 November
Half day online theory componant to be completed prior to virtual workshop All staff
(online component of this program compulsory for Supervisors and Managers and staff required to sit on staff selection panels)

Are you required to participate on staff selection panels? Increase your knowledge and skills to complete the process successfully.

People Managers Workshop
27 October and 3 November
2x Half day Virtual Delivery For all New Managers

An opportunity to talk through and share experiences in managing people and understanding the frameworks we have in place to support supervisors and managers.

Understanding Gender and Sexuality Diversity Workshop 17 September Half day Virtual Delivery All-Staff

Using a combination of real life narratives and values-based activities to facilitate self-reflective engagement, the Understanding Gender & Sexuality Diversity workshop aims to inform staff about the lived experiences of people of diverse sexualities and gender identities, and assist with creating understandings and promoting a more inclusive environment at the University.

Working with Vulnerable Populations
18 October
19 October
9am-5pm Virtual Delivery All-Staff

This one-day workshop will improve an organisation’s capacity to work in a culturally safe and trauma-informed way. When you complete this training, you will have a better understanding of trauma and symptoms of trauma as well as coping behaviours.

The training combines Western scientific knowledge and traditional healing principles and prepares you to deal with lateral violence, burnout, anxiety, secondary and vicarious trauma.

About the Facilitators: 

Kelleigh Ryan and Nicole Tujague are co-founders of The Seedling Group and Nicole is a PhD student at Gnibi College, Southern Cross University.  Kelleigh Ryan is an Indigenous psychologist and together with Nicole and other Aboriginal consultants, assist CEO’s, managers and operational staff to better understand working with vulnerable populations. 

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- The dates of these programs may change, depending on minimum participant numbers and room availability.
- Your enrolment does not guarantee a place in the program. If successful you will receive a confirmation email from HR Services regarding the program