Managing for Performance

A 'managing for performance' approach is our way of enabling our employees to realise their potential and perform at their best.

A focus on managing for performance:
  • Enables a more effective approach to staff development;
  • Effectively embeds and communicates organisational values;
  • Builds a performance culture based on open communication and trust; and
  • Supports workforce and succession planning.
Managing for performance is not just an annual process. It recognises and focuses on the value of an ongoing and regular approach to performance management to provide maximum benefit for all those involved including:
  • Mutual responsibility: employees and supervisors share the approach to ensuring good performance;
  • Goal setting: mutually agreed goals (within the work unit and wider university context) that clearly identify expected outcomes and how they are to be achieved;
  • Learning and development: creating development plans in line with goals to improve performance and/or to ensure currency with relevant professional discipline / expertise; and
  • Building performance and mutual trust through:
    • Ongoing discussions about performance, achievements and contribution;
    • Open, two-way conversations and constructive feedback; and
    • Supporting personal and professional development.

This positive culture of managing for performance improves the performance of Southern Cross University as an organisation and makes it a more attractive place to work for both professional and academic employees.