PRP tools, guidelines and tips

Tools and resources:

Steps to ensure a positive and constructive PRP experience:

  • Employees should review the relevant guiding document (Performance review plan or Results and achievement plan [senior managers]) - before meeting with their supervisor. In particular, reflect on the discussion points that you will cover with your supervisor so you know how the conversation will flow.
  • Where relevant, employees should add their own notes and comments in the spaces provided in the document regarding outcomes of previous goals, objectives or plans.
  • The draft Plan should be shared with their supervisor prior to the meeting, along with any other supporting information (such as the Academic CV and Portfolio for academic employees).
  • Take notes during the meeting to ensure you capture the key points of your conversation and agreements.
  • Following the meeting, employees should update and finalise the Plan with these notes and their comments, then pass on to their supervisor.
  • Supervisors review, add their own comments, sign and send back to the employee to sign the final version.

After the meeting:

  • Ensure you, or the nominated person in your school/work unit, sends a copy of the completed and signed Plan to HR Services.
  • Implement actions and agreements, especially in relation to any training and development activity.
  • Regularly refer back to goals and feedback to ensure you are on track. Discuss challenges or issues as they arise during the year with your supervisor.
  • Supervisors should also regularly check in with their employees and the team and keep goals and performance expectations top of mind.
  • Acknowledge if there are changes in role, responsibilities or focus – adjust goals and expectations throughout the year if required.

Supporting you:

  • Information sessions for all staff are held annually to ensure you have the chance to hear more about how to use the tools and prepare for the meeting; and
  • Your Business Partner will happily answer any questions you might have about the process, the tools or implementing your agreed actions.

Your work unit’s Business Partner is available to provide assistance and guidance with the PRP process.