Workforce Planning

The aim of workforce planning is to enable the University to recruit, appoint and maintain an employee profile that best enables it to achieve its current and future business goals.

Forecasting future staffing requirements, particularly beyond one year, involves assumptions about likely future developments and trends. Critical to this process are the organisation's and work units' business plans, both short and longer term. Business plans take into account the University's strategic directions in relation to research, teaching and other business endeavours, expected availability of financial resources, current and expected student enrolments and current and planned course offerings.

Workforce plans are formulated through a comparison of the present staff profile with the forecasted future requirements across a range of areas, such as: staff numbers (FTE and headcount); expertise; skills and abilities; and other staffing demographics to reveal gaps and identify potential risks.

Once the gaps and potential risks have been identified through a comparison of the present with the predicted future requirements, the next step is the implementation of appropriate HR strategies to achieve the desired outcomes in a timely and effective manner.

For assistance and further information please contact your work unit's Business Partner.