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When is the University becoming smoke-free?

Southern Cross University will become smoke-free in 2018.

The smoke-free initiative was launched at the Gold Coast Campus on 26 February 2018, the Coffs Harbour Campus on 3 April 2018 with the Lismore Campus following on 25 June 2018.

A variety of methods will be used to raise awareness, including:

  • signage
  • smoke-free materials such as posters
  • social media, bulletin items and emails to students and employees
  • pre-arrival information for new students and employees, as well as information via orientation and induction programs, and relevant university events

Why is the University becoming smoke-free?

Southern Cross University wants to encourage healthier lifestyle choices for employees, students and the wider community who share and visit our campuses.

The University also has legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace and to protect employees, students and visitors from the serious health risks associated with exposure to second hand smoke (passive smoking).

Have other universities gone smoke-free?

Smoke-free initiatives have been implemented in many other Australian universities.

In Queensland, all universities are being supported by the Queensland Government Smoke-free Higher Education and Training initiative to implement smoke-free policies.

What is the definition of smoking?

Smoking is the inhalation and exhalation of the smoke of burning tobacco, herbs or drugs.

Smoking also refers to the use of electronic cigarettes or other devices.  Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes, e-cigars, vapour pens, or a personal vaporiser) are any product where there is a hand to mouth action and results in the expulsion of a vapour. 

Who is affected by the new smoke-free initiative?

All employees, students, visitors, volunteers and contractors who come onto Southern Cross University campuses will need to adhere to the smoke-free initiative.  This also includes members the general public walking through our campuses.

Where does the smoke-free initiative apply?

Smoking will not be permitted in or on any Southern Cross University premises or land, including buildings, facilities, open spaces, campus perimeters, gardens, walkways, car parks, pool vehicles and all other motor vehicles while on campus.

Where can I smoke on-campus?

If you wish to smoke, you will need to go off-campus.

It is strongly recommend that when smokers move off-site, they choose an area that is not remote, is safe and is well-lit at night.

How is the smoke-free initiative being implemented?

Any person who is smoking on a University campus may be approached by employees, students or campus security and reminded about our smoke-free initiative. 

If you see people smoking anywhere on Southern Cross University grounds, you are within your rights to respectfully advise them that all University campuses are smoke free and ask them to move off campus or put the tobacco product out.  Any individual persistently breaching the rule may be subject to disciplinary action or requested to leave campus.

The success of this approach will depend on the thoughtfulness, consideration and cooperation of smokers and non-smokers.  All students and employees share in the responsibility for helping Southern Cross University to be smoke-free.


There is always help available if you’d like to quit smoking. You can start by contacting any of these organisations and services:

Employee support

Employees can access free, confidential counselling via the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Student support

Our student counsellors provide professional services designed to assist students in their personal, psychological and social development. Contact the University's Counselling Service to speak with one of our counselling professionals about quitting or dealing with cravings.

Contact us

For more information about this smoke free initiative, please contact Workplace Health and Safety on 02 6620 3651 or via email on whs@scu.edu.au.