Workplace ergonomics

Ergonomics Process


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Self-Assessment Checklist

Complete the Ergonomic self assessment checklist.

If any of the answers have been answered "NO". Please, discuss the outcome with your supervisor.

Work Units will maintain a record of all completed self-assessments.

Additional Adjustments 

As per workflow, please contact the relevant providers.

Ergonomic assessment providers

Campus Provider


Key Therapy Services

Ph: 02 6622 2822

[email protected]

Gold Coast

Coastal Work and Rehabilitation Solutions

Ph: 0411 360 811

[email protected]


Ipar Rehabilitation 

Ph: 02 6691 2600

Sit-stand workstation request 

These guidelines do not cover staff with a validated disability or ongoing medical condition that requires the University to consider reasonable adjustments to their work environment. These inquiries should be escalated through RiskWare 

Please note that requests from employees for sit/stand workstations are to be considered and approved by Work Unit managers. There is no longer any requirement for HR Services to be informed or involved. 

These workstations are now common in our offices and are generally supported due to their overall health benefits.  For guidance, requests for sit/stand workstations should be considered together with space constraints, Work Unit budgets, and the amount of time an employee works on campus.

Other considerations

  • If purchasing a full sit-stand desk (as opposed to a desk-top station), please contact Property Services first. Also, lodge an Archibus to remove furniture if needed.
  • What are the room acoustics? Consider sound impacts in cubicle spaces when staff are standing.
  • Look at the employee’s current setup. Do they need to de-clutter first? Are there any height considerations in their current space?.
  • Consider how many monitors are being used and will their equipment easily transfer to the new workstation. You may need to choose a station based on the technology needs of the employee.
  • Continue to encourage staff to move more during their normal workdays.