Legal Office FAQ's

If you:

  • Receive any agreement from a third party which requires a signature on behalf of the University or by yourself as an agent for the University;
  • You need for the Legal Office to prepare a Non-Standard Agreement for you; or
  • You require advice/assistance interpreting or applying legislation or an existing arrangement

you need to complete the Legal Request Form attaching the document you need reviewed or instructions about the arrangement you would like the contract to reflect. See the Review of Non Standard Agreements and Other Legal Assistance section for further information.

If you need a Standard Agreement prepared, please contact one of the contract facilitators listed at the Standard Agreements page. If the body of a Standard Agreement is not changed, then you do not require a legal review prior to arranging execution of a Standard Agreement. However, if an arrangement is high risk or value, you may still wish to obtain it.

Southern Cross University is a statutory corporation established by the Southern Cross University Act 1993 (NSW). You can obtain a copy of the Southern Cross University Act from the NSW Legislation webpage. 

The University should be described in any contract to which it is a party as:

SOUTHERN CROSS UNIVERSITY ABN 41 995 651 524 a statutory corporation established by the Southern Cross University Act 1993 (NSW)

The University's Australian Business Number (or ABN) is 41 995 651 524

Only those University officers with specific delegations from Council may sign documents on behalf of the University. Please refer to the University's Delegations Register. If you are still unsure as to who has authority to sign a document on behalf of the University, please contact us for assistance. If the document requires the Vice Chancellor's signature or the application of the University Seal, please forward it to the SCU Legal Office along with an accompanying memorandum and we will arrange for the document to be executed or sealed.

A subpoena is an order of a court or tribunal and must be complied with unless there is a good reason to object to it. The University does receive subpoenas (usually subpoenas to produce documents) from time to time. If you receive a subpoena, please contact our office immediately for assistance.

If you receive a query from an outside party (such as a solicitor) about serving a subpoena, please direct them to the Subpoenas, Summonses and Notices section of the website or ask them to contact us directly on (02) 6620 3465 or at legal@scu.edu.au.

University staff from time to time will receive a notice to present themselves for jury service. This is a personal obligation of staff and it is not possible for us to advise staff about their obligations or to assist them if they feel they are unable to perform jury service for any reason. If you receive a notice for jury service, you should discuss it with your supervisor and follow the University's Jury Service Leave Procedures.