Popular Downloads (Staff Only)

This page is a resource to download the most frequently accessed guidelines, forms and templates. To view all available downloads, visit the Documents Downloads (Staff Only) page.

This basic style guide (above) provides a reference for Southern Cross University staff in the preparation and production of University publications. It is a writing guide with terminologies used by the university. It aims to maintain consistency in language for non-academic communications.

## Please note: The Design Style Guide will be available soon. This will have comprehensive details on the following;

  • Logo overview, usage, variations, placement and clear space
  • Colours, primary, secondary, backgrounds, colour pairings, Mono colours, gradients
  • Typography, primary typeface, alternative typefaces
  • Graphic expression with examples.

Powerpoint presentation template

This template contains multiple slides with various layout options (updated 27 July 2017).

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Email signature template

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Other forms and documents

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