Logo Usage

A suite of logo blocks and templates have been developed with specific branding for each school, college and research centre.

Visit the popular downloads page for access to letterheads, reports, school logos and powerpoint templates (staff login required).

For any enquiries regarding our logo usage, please email design@scu.edu.au.

Image promoting our New look, new courses, new branding, logo 

New Southern Cross University. New look.

Meet our new brand

Why rebrand?

Southern Cross is a progressive, ethical and engaged University. We want people to know what we stand for and where we are located. A rebrand enables us to re-emphasise our name and to stand out from the crowd. We are far too good a university to be invisible!

The colours and design

The colours of our former logo were gold and blue. Those are attractive and have served us well. But we have chosen to add a third colour--green--to emphasise our deep commitment to biological and environmental research and teaching. We also wanted to introduce sub-brands of gold (for the Gold Coast campus); green (for the Lismore campus) and blue (for the Coffs Harbour campus) - and then to swirl them all together to come up with an emblem which is unique in Australia.

The stars

We are proudly named after the constellation of stars that appears in the night sky of the southern hemisphere. If you look closely, you will see that a bright star is still there in the very middle of the new emblem. This symbolises the 'pointer' star in the Southern Cross constellation. And when you 'reverse out' the new design, the shape of the full constellation is still indicated. So we have not gotten rid of the stars; it is just that the new design is more subtle.

The crest

The shape of our new emblem honours Southern Cross University's original crest design from 1994 when we were first established as a university. With our 25th anniversary just around the corner, it was timely to revisit how we present ourselves to the world.

Our most recent logo, with the Southern Cross constellation, was almost impossible to reproduce with clarity, especially in digital formats, and at times the stars literally disappeared. It was also very hard to make out for anyone with any form of visual impairment.

The new emblem is far more vivid and the shield format travels well in all formats - anywhere in the world.

For more information, including guidelines for using the Southern Cross University logo please email design@scu.edu.au