Strategic Planning

File picture of two people planningThe Strategic Plan 2020-2026 is at the apex of the University's planning cycle, driving the University-wide priorities and operational planning. The Strategic Plan was developed through a broad consultation process across the University and its stakeholders.

University Priorities

Each year University Priorities are established which focus strategic approaches aimed at achieving the Goals of the Strategic Plan and focusing budget alignment for the following year.

Operational Plans

Organisational Units within the University develop Operational Plans which provide a focus for prioritisation and performance evaluation of the Unit's activities across a particular year. The Plans themselves may cover a period of three years in order to highlight developmental or structured requirements for specific activities.

The Operational Planning Process is an integral component of the University Budget cycle. There are 3 Phases to the combined process with a final approval phase with submission of the budget to Council

Timetable for Planning and Budget

This timetable presents the key milestones in the planning and budget processes across the calendar year. The Planning Phase commences in April (following the Institutional Review) with the announcement of the VC's Strategic Priorities and the development of strategic focus points from each of the members of the VC's Executive. Following the strategic scene setting, the Heads of Schools and Support Units will undertake the planning process for Organisational Unit Plans.

Phase 1 Organisational Unit Planning April to May
Phase 2 Refinement & Review by VC's Executive June
Phase 3 Finalisation August-September
Phase 4 Submission of Budget to Council October