ESOS Compliance Information for Staff


The University’s Australian campuses, including those managed by educational collaborators must remain compliant with the ESOS Act and National Code when providing or intending to provide education to international students.  

Although compliance is a shared responsibility across the University, the following role manage key activities. 


The Principal Executive Officer (PEO) for the University has responsibility for managing the University's compliance with the ESOS Act. The scope of activities include:
  • report on ESOS and National Code compliance.
  • monitoring changes to the legislative environment and instigating amendments to policy, procedure or business process when required
  • provide advice on policy and procedures to ensure alignment with legislation
  • manages the ESOS Review Schedule
  • manage applications for approval by TEQSA to:
    1. add a new delivery site
    2. change the maximum capacity of students that can be enrolled
    3. change duration of a CRICOS registered course
  • manage the applications for material changes including:
    1. changes to course duration (including holiday breaks),
    2. modes of study,
    3. number of overseas students enrolled at all locations
    4. arrangements with other education providers including partners to deliver a course to international students
    5. any event that would significantly affect the provider's ability to comply with the ESOS Act within 10 business days after the event occurs
    6. changes to the PEO within 14 business days of the change occurring
  • manage the University's CRICOS capacity, including monitoring the pipeline of CoE's in PRISMS and escalate risks as required
  • ensures that before a course availability is suspended or accreditation is removed, the CoEs with an Approved, Saved, Pending or Visa Granted status are identified and considered and advice provided to the Pro-Vice Chancellor (Academic Innovation)
  • manages the CRICOS register, including approval of submission to TEQSA regarding changes to the CRICOS register, submissions for new course, new location, or amendments
  • ensure the fees and charges including the annual registration charge are paid within specified timeframes
  • oversees University compliance with all obligations under the ESOS Act. including:
    1. not engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct
    2. notify TEQSA of any offence committed
    3. communication timeframes are adhered to for proving student's information about their enrolment
    4. students are sent notices of VISA breaches by the Director, Student Administration Services
    5. student records are maintained according to obligations in the ESOS Act and National Code
    6. an accurate register of agents is maintained and obligations for monitoring and reporting of agents are met by the Chief International Officer
    7. TEQSA is informed of student VISA breaches where required
    8. Overseas compliance with all standards under the National Code.
  • manages PRISMS access and roles
  • manages internal compliance reviews
  • ensures that the ESOS training schedule is completed
  • provides advice on ESOS and National Code compliance

Roles and Responsibilities – ESOS Compliance Officer

The ESOS Compliance Officer is the PEO's delegate for day-to-day operations. This role is undertaken by staff member in Planning, Quality and Review.

Roles and Responsibilities – HoWU

Heads of Work Unit are responsible for managing compliance within their own unit, including:

  • new staff receive ESOS/National Code Training as relevant;
  • existing staff in student-facing roles receive ESOS compliance training annually;
  • raising risks of non-compliance to the Director, Planning, Quality and Review;
  • completing work unit ESOS Self-reviews.

Roles and Responsibilities – Governance Services

Governance Services responsible for coordinating the ESOS compliance audits:

  • Coordinating the external review
  • Reporting external review results to Audit and Risk Management Committee
  • Keeping records of the review process, including terms of reference, final reports, University response, and recommendations.

Roles and Responsibilities – International Student Contact

International Student Contact is responsible for keeping the Institutions contact details current on the CRICOS register and responding to enquires.

Roles and Responsibilities – Associate Dean (Education)

Associate Dean (Education) is responsible for:
  • providing accurate information to Planning, Quality and Review regarding course registered or intend to be registered on the CRICOS register
  • ensuring that course changes that affect the CRICOS register are not made without prior discussion with Planning, Quality and Review:duration of a course
    1. course fee including tuition and non-tuition
    2. course title
    3. work-integrated learning/placement/community engaged learning hours
    4. location of course availability
    5. course is no longer planned to be offered to international students, either as a ceased