Organisational Reviews

Organisational Reviews are an integral component of the University's Planning and Quality Frameworks.

The reviews provide important input into strategic planning activities, with implementation of recommendations incorporated into the strategic plans of organisational units.

The reviews which have an emphasis on self-review, reflection, strategic positioning, continuous improvement and accountability, support the University's quality assurance objectives through establishment of an environment of continuous improvement and instigation of quality assurance measures. Types of organisational reviews:

  • Organisational Unit Reviews (Academic or Support Units)
  • Function Reviews (involving services, functions and processes)
  • Education Collaboration Reviews

The organisational review process for Schools and Colleges is undertaken in two stages:

  • Stage 1: Course Review component
  • Stage 2: School Review

Course Review:

The review process for Schools and Colleges commences with the review of all courses within the relevant School or College and follows the process outlined in Academic Policy (Course and Unit Accreditation Policy). The Report/s from the External Course Review Expert and any responses from Head of School/College and Chair of School Board form part of the Review documentation.

Schedule of Reviews:

The current Schedule of Reviews (draft) for the period 2017-2022 is available Schedule of Reviews 2017-2022 (draft).