Duty to Disclose

It is important that details of all claims including incidents or matters that could lead to a claim are advised to contact the Insurance Office at the earliest possible opportunity by email insurance@scu.edu.au or telephone (02) 6620 3320. Failure to advise the insurer could affect the success of a claim.

Under the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth) an insured person or entity has an obligation to disclose relevant information to the insurer.

Please email insurance@scu.edu.au if planning any of the following types of activities:

  1. Acquisition or creation of new entities;
  2. Purchase, construction or occupancy of new premises;
  3. Alteration, vacation, extension or demolition of existing premises;
  4. Installation of new plant or key machinery/equipment;
  5. Hire, lease or loan of plant and equipment;
  6. Changes in business operations, development of new products, etc.;
  7. Disconnection of alarms or any fire prevention or detection system;
  8. Charter of aircraft, other than commercial passenger travel;
  9. Export of products overseas (particularly to USA or Canada); or
  10. Commercial dealings in USA or Canada.

All insurance policies contain terms, conditions and exclusions. The success of a claim will depend on the individual circumstances.