Insurance cover for students

SCU students are covered under the following insurance policies (where relevant) when undertaking approved University activities:

University insurances do not protect students in respect of claims against them for damage or injury caused in relation to non-University activities, including accommodation and non-University sporting or recreational activities.

Note: For protection to be provided under the University's policies, any work experience or work placement undertaken by the student that is not a course requirement must be complementary to the student's course of study and must be endorsed by the relevant Head of School. If a student receives remuneration from the host organisation with which they are working they are deemed to be an employee of the host organisation and the University's insurances no longer apply.

If you would like to request confirmations of any of the above protections, please email insurance@scu.edu.au or telephone (+61 2) 6620 3320.

Corporate Travel Insurance

The University’s Corporate Travel Insurance covers students whilst travelling within Australia or overseas on authorised University business.

For further Information reading the University’s Travel Policy refer to the links below:

Information for Students (login required)

Workers' Compensation insurance

Students are not covered under the University's Workers' Compensation insurance unless employed by the University.

Personal Property of Students

The University insurances do not cover the personal effects of students such as clothing, furniture, jewellery, mobile phones, cameras, electronic equipment, etc.

Further Enquires - Contact

For further information please email insurance@scu.edu.au or telephone (+61 2) 6620 3320.