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Who Works Here - Centre for Teaching and Learning

Centre for Teaching and Learning 

Wilson, Associate Professor Gail Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning
Riley, Kerry Administrative Officer
Crompton, Josephine Administrative Assistant

Academic Practice

Turner, Dr Steve Manager, Academic Practice
Grant, Dr Airdre Lecturer
King, Chris eLearning Designer
Purdy, Mr Jonathan Lecturer

Academic Skills

Ashton-Hay, Dr Sally Manager, Academic Skills
Budgeon, Phillip Lecturer
Holt, Julienne Lecturer
Kayess, Meredith Lecturer, PASS Coordinator
Munn, Dr Joanne Lecturer
Ross, Dr Andrew Lecturer

Awards and Grants

McCormack, Cathryn Lecturer

Digital Resources

Turner, Dr Steve Manager, Academic Practice
Beesley, Julie Team Leader, Digital Designer
Bell-Todd, Amadeus Digital Technologist
Brine, Callan Digital Technologist
Bundock, Alison Quality Assurance Officer
De Verelle-Hill, Wanda Digital Technologist
Duley, Katrina Digital Designer
Eggler, Fiona Centre Support Coordinator
Giltrap, Colette Digital Technologist
Hunter, Leonie Digital Designer
Ledgerwood, Toni Team Leader, Digital Technology
Otto, Kurt Coordinator, Centre Systems
Shipway, Donna Digital Designer



Van Eyk, Tina Project Officer