Foundations of University Teaching Practice

Dates: 10 February-26 November, 2017

About the program

This is a new, flexible professional learning opportunity designed to improve your teaching and learning practice, enhance the learning experiences of your students, and fit in your busy career.

All SCU staff, including continuing, fixed-term and casual staff within their first three years of teaching, are invited to enrol in the Foundations of University Teaching Practice (FUTP) program offered by the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL).

This program will also be of interest to experienced staff seeking fresh inspiration, particularly in relation to teaching in the online environment.

The FUTP consists of six discrete modules, combining online learning materials, optional Collaborate sessions and tailored support through the CTL.

These modules will be open and supported in Blackboard from the 10 February to the 26 November 2017. Staff are encouraged to complete the entire FUTP within the 2017 dates.

Foundations of University Teaching Practice

Foundations of University Teaching Practice program

For further information on the program view our FUTP Orientation 2017 - Blackboard Collaborate recording The name of the recording is 'FUTP Orientation 2017'(30 mins).

Or alternatively contact Associate Professor Gail Wilson, Director, Centre for Teaching & Learning.

For enrolments contact Josephine Crompton, phone (02) 6626 9262 option 2.