Unit Site Design

A well designed, user friendly Blackboard site is essential to effective teaching and learning. A good design has a consistent 'look and feel', which provides ease of navigation, familiarity and promotes student engagement.

Each Blackboard site is created with a default Unit Template that includes section headings and preloaded content. The aim of the template is to provide consistency for students as they navigate multiple sites and learning environments. However, this foundation is only the starting point for designing an effective and engaging unit site. There are many ways that staff can customise their Blackboard site to meet the needs of their students. The Unit Site Design Quality Checklist supports this creative process by outlining important design considerations and recommended practice.

The checklist can be used to review existing sites or to plan a new site. For example, a site review may focus on how well the structure and content support student learning. In unit planning, it can help you organise the design of your teaching.

Download the Unit Site Design Quality Checklist

screenshot of Unit Site Design and Quality Checklist