two people at a desk over the top of a laptop where you see only their hands holding pencil and iPad

Non-Unit Resources

DR can assist with the development of non-unit based resources that support teaching and learning at the University:

  • video, audio and photography
  • web design and development
  • graphics - creative concepts, line drawing, photo editing and optimisation
  • online resources
  • posters, brochures, flyers and information sheets
  • maps and infographics
  • interactive and electronic forms
  • interactive quizzes, graphics and PowerPoint slides
  • handbooks
  • eBook and hardcopy book design and development

The DR Gallery has examples of the work listed above.

Non-unit based resource development work will not be accepted in peak unit production periods and needs to be requested and approved through the Non-Unit Resources Submission form. Please do not contact individual DR staff members as they are not authorised to accept non-unit resource requests.

After you submit the request form, you will be contacted by a DR staff member to discuss your request to confirm requirements and priorities. Work will only be accepted if a reasonable development time has been factored in. Please note that your request will be considered by the Manager, DR and the decision to continue is based on time available and the staff resources available.

View Non-Unit Resources Submission form

  • Client fills in basic submission to log a request and consultation appointment. The submission of the request does not necessarily mean that DRC will be able to undertake the work.

Work is allocated to DR team member/s and other stakeholders identified.

  • You will be contacted by a DR staff member, and an appointment time set up for you to discuss your request brief and confirm how you will supply content. The DR staff member with fill out a checklist form.
  • The DR team member will produce a mock up, the process of production and review will go through various stages until the work is complete and ready for proofing.
  • You will be given access to the final files for review via email, CD, FTP etc.

View Non-Unit Resources Authorisation Form

  • Client fills out a basic form to either authorise or not authorise publication of resources.

After publication, you report feedback to DR so we can review our internal process, and evaluate client satisfaction.