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Developing Unit Resources

DR can assist you to create quality teaching resources – study guides, lab manuals and workbooks – in a range of formats to optimise your students' learning experience. We can also help you develop media-rich unit resources:

  • video, audio and photography
  • web design and development
  • interactive quizzes and graphics
  • graphics – line drawings, photo editing and optimisation
  • infographics – maps, graphs, charts and tables
  • interactive and electronic forms
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Scenario based learning modules (SBLI)
  • eBook design and development

The DR gallery has examples of the work listed above.

DR produces study materials in the following formats:

  • PDFs: Versatile, professional-looking and consistent document format. Easy to read and to print out a hard copy for future reference. For maximum efficiency, we recommend that you use the Study Guide template to create your PDF study guide.
  • ePubs: Electronic book format that retains most of the formatting and layout. Handy for students to read on their mobile devices. Most ePub study guides can be offered to students in conjunction with a PDF study guide.
  • Online: Study guide content inserted directly into the unit’s Blackboard site. This can be web-ready content exported from your PDFs; or using formatted Blackboard items to create content directly in Blackboard; or creating content using Softchalk or SBLI. Contact DR to discuss theses options.

It is worthwhile planning ahead – we suggest you contact DR as early as possible as you consider the format that best suits your teaching requirements.

PDF study guides: Word files are automatically made available for downloading after DR receives treatment level advice from the School. Please use these DR files to ensure that the most recent version of your materials is updated. Note: DR no longer uses the Track Changes function in word to update your materials. We will compare your amended documents against the previous version processed by DR.
Please note: to access this page you need to enter your username and password in the format set out below.

Username: staffusername (The word staff followed by a backslash and the your username)
Password: password as per SCU domain (i.e. login to computer password)

Online study guides: DR can help you copy, update and format content in your Blackboard sites.

When you are ready to submit your materials for development by DR, please complete the Teaching Resources Submission form. It is presumed all resources submitted to DR are final. Files can be zipped into one folder and attached as a single file.

Your Blackboard learning site will automatically be made available to students one week before the start of the study period. DR has prepared a MySCU Unit Site Checklist for you to work through beforehand in preparation for your site activation. We advise you to use the MySCU Unit Site Checklist before site activation to allow DR time to help you with any issues that might arise.

Digital Resources submission dates 2020-2021 (Pdf )
Study Guide template (Word docx)
Teaching Resources Submission form

Note: The Unit and Course Management System (UCMS) is now responsible for producing and updating Unit Information Guides. MyReadings is responsible for producing copyright material.