studio setup with people moving between cameras, lights and computer equipment

Video, photography and audio support

CTL Digital Resources is a central university service that works with all schools and faculties to design quality, innovative media resources for learning and teaching.

Our broad range of video genres include short how-to clips; interviews; demonstrations; scripted mini-presentations as well as complex multi-media productions that cater to a variety of curriculum requirements and improve student engagement.

We can consult with you to produce your end-to-end media project and provide services including project scoping; production management; script development and subbing; animations; graphics and text.

Videos can be posted to Blackboard and embedded in websites. On-line access enables a broad reach and students can revise tricky bits for improved comprehension. 

We also have a desktop recording booth as well as DIY camera kits available for loan to university academic staff for more straightforward videoing such as simple presentations; testimonials; demonstrations; observations and examinations. We have online support materials, and our specialised media production staff can carry out face-to-face training if required.

For automated and DIY lecture recording, the University uses Mediasite and Camtasia (link to TS page)   

We’re happy to meet with you to discuss a range of options and production styles to bring your educational video ideas to life!

If you would like an educational video please submit a production proposal form (link to new form designed to capture pertinent project information such as video style, amount of edited content required, time lines, learning objectives etc). You can also call the DR Help Desk on 66203175 (x73175) or email: drhelp@scu.edu.au.

Video Genre Examples

Here are some examples of the various video production styles that we can produce, and your project ideas are more than welcome.

How-to clips are typically short and punchy, and provide clear and concise step-by-step instruction or demonstration. With minimal scripting and a quick turnaround, these videos are generally 3-5 minutes long and can also be produced as a series.

More complex demonstration style videos can capture complicated procedures or difficult to replicate experiments.

Incorporates higher quality production techniques with a variety of material including interviews; scripted narration; presenters; animation; text and overlay such as shots of classroom interaction to explain and contextualise complicated concepts.

Interviews from leaders in their field can add interest and variety to a topic. Scripted narratives can be used for succinct and targeted learnings, and the role play is an effective way to explain and demonstrate various scenarios such as the importance of empathetic communication.

A mini-presentation/lecture is usually under ten minutes long and includes an on-camera presentation as well as accompanying images; clips; graphics and text. They're succinct and employ tight more colloquial scripting appropriate for on-line presentations.

CTL DR Video Equipment and Resources

  • Specialised video production crew (camera, lighting, audio, directing, editing, post production)
  • High quality digital video cameras (single and multi-camera shoots)
  • Full production lighting kit
  • Wireless lapel and boom mic kits
  • Video slider/dolly
  • Portable green screen
  • Ikan teleprompter 
  • Adobe Premiere Pro/Creative Cloud edit suite
  • DIY desktop recording booth
  • DIY camera loan kit