Curriculum and Assessment

Curriculum and Assessment is one element of the Inclusive Curricula & Teaching model developed by SCU, based on the literature and insights from students and staff. Curriculum and Assessment is located within the first key enabler identified by the research for student success within the teaching context: Powerful Design.

The curriculum and assessment design lays the foundation for what and how much will be taught, and how the students' progress will be judged. An effective and powerful design supports motivation, retention and high levels of achievement.


Based on the literature, here are some key ways to make your curriculum and assessments powerful. Click on the PDF resources below to find out more.

Information sheets:

Establish high expectations

Set the stage for higher order thinking

Sequence, connect and recycle for success

Design assessments to be catalysts for learning

In early 2014, SCU staff were asked what challenges inclusivity held for them in designing their curriculum and assessments. The staff identified three key areas of challenge:

  • designing for diverse levels of student readiness
  • designing for students with vastly different backgrounds, experiences and language abilities, and
  • designing for students who are juggling the demands of study and life.

See the students' thoughts on curriculum and assessment design which they felt would help their learning. The postcard details have been taken from the survey comments as expressed by the students.


Funding for the Inclusive Curricula and Teaching Project (2013 - 2014) was provided by the Commonwealth Government's Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP).