Teaching Methods

Teaching Methods is one element of the Inclusive Curricula & Teaching model developed by SCU, based on the literature and insights from students and staff. Teaching Methods is located within the first key enabler identified by the research for student success within the teaching context: Powerful Design.

Powerful teaching methods bring the curriculum to life and support success in assessment tasks. They scaffold and progress learning.

Based on the literature, here are some powerful teaching methods. Click on the PDF resources below to find out more.

Information sheets:

Active learning for deep understanding

Active guided teaching to develop competent independent learners

In early 2014, SCU staff were asked what challenges inclusivity brought when designing the methods for teaching. Three key areas of challenge were identified:

  • finding the best ways to deliver the curriculum
  • getting the pitch right for the students, and
  • balancing students' learning needs in their class and online delivery.

See the students' thoughts on teaching design which they felt would help their learning. The postcard details have been taken from the survey comments as expressed by the students.


Funding for the Inclusive Curricula and Teaching Project (2013 - 2014) was provided by the Commonwealth Government's Higher Education Participation and Partnerships Program (HEPPP).