Assessment Resource Research Project

Project Overview

The research project aims to document a contemporary approach to the design of a professional learning resource and distil the design principles that could be applied and refined in similar projects. The project employs Design Based Research as an overarching methodology and Design Thinking to collect academics' perspectives as future users of the resource. As few studies document the process of developing resource-based professional learning for university staff, it is expected that the following research questions will be productive.

  • How can a scholarly learning design framework be usefully adapted as a digital professional development resource to support the implementation of a new Assessment Policy at SCU?
  • To what extent does staff perceive resource-based learning as meeting their needs as a self-access professional learning approach?
  • What design principles and processes can be distilled for the design and development of a 'best practice' resource to meets the diverse needs of university teaching staff?
  • How might learnings from this project be applied to assist others in the sector undertaking similar projects?

Project Team

Project Leader
Associate Professor Gail Wilson
Director, Centre for Teaching and Learning

Project Consultant
Dr Caroline Steel