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5 Star Staff

The 2019 5 Star Summary Report now available:

 5 Star Staff Summary Report 2019

We invite you to tell us about the individuals and teams you think have provided you with a 5 star learning experience. We want to know which staff are amazing!

Every single person at Southern Cross University has the goal of helping you achieve your learning goals and successful completion of your course. These people might be in roles such as: tutor, lecturer, Unit Assessor, project supervisor, Honours supervisor, Research Higher Degree (Masters, PhD) supervisor, placement supervisor, clinical supervisor, laboratory staff, librarian, Academic Skills staff, or peer leader of a peer learning group.

You are welcome to tell us about any learning experience at SCU within the last two years. We encourage you to think back over your Session 3 and Session 1 learning experiences in addition to those that are more recent.

This voluntary process is open to all SCU students. You can complete the form as many times as you like, but each individual or team requires a separate submission and a statement of between 50 and 200 words.


The online form is open annually for a short period during Session 2. This allows us to close the form before the unit based Session 2 student surveys begin.

In 2019 the portal is open until Monday 30 September.

Online Form

The online form requests:

  • Name, email, Student/Staff ID of the person completing the form
  • Choice of whether to be anonymous or named in the person’s report
  • Context details: Individual or team’s role along with (optionally) Unit Code, Unit Name, Session, and Year
  • A statement of 50-200 words outlining why you are nominating the individual or team. Please include specific examples and outcomes.

What happens with your data?

After the online form is closed, data is processed within three weeks.
Submissions are collated into a report for each individual or team. Individual entries are listed as either anonymous or with your name included as per your request. Reports are then emailed to each staff member or the nominated team contact person, as well as their Head of School or Organisational Unit.
Individual staff may use information in the report to support an application for promotion or a teaching award.
SCU analyses all responses to provide recommendations on teaching improvement and identify outstanding staff members.

Everyone who makes a submission is emailed summary data and a link to the summary report provided to the university.

2018 5 Star Staff Report (pdf) [requires Staff login]

In 2015-2017 this process was called Teacher Commendations. The report from 2017 follows:

In 2017 over 300 Teacher Commendations were received. The summary report includes a quantitative summary, selected quotes and a Wordle.

2017 Teacher Commendations Summary Report (pdf) [requires Staff login]

Further information

Contact cathryn.mccormack@scu.edu.au in the Centre for Teaching and Learning.