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Australian Awards | SCU Awards

At Southern Cross University we value good teaching.  We consider it key to the success of our students and the university as a whole. We know the extraordinary lengths teaching staff go to engage students with their learning. The Vice Chancellor’s Citations are a way for us to recognise and honour the diligence, dedication and achievements of our teaching staff.

The citations are awarded for a wide range of contributions to student learning and engagement. Nominees and applicants may be individuals or teams of academic and/or professional staff in full-time, part-time, or sessional roles, and institutional associates. They are open to all staff in substantive, contract and casual positions.

At a sector level, the Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT) recognise and reward contributions that are outstanding on an Australia-wide scale. The Vice Chancellor’s Citations recognise and reward contributions that are outstanding within Southern Cross University.

Australian Awards for University Teaching (AAUT)

The Australian Awards for University Teaching are awarded in three categories:

  • Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning
  • Awards for Teaching Excellence
  • Awards for Programs that Enhance Learning

Success in any of these categories recognises the award recipient, whether an individual or team, as an outstanding teacher on a national scale.

SCU staff interested in applying in 2019 should contact  Cathryn McCormack for further information.

Recipients of AAUT Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning


Associate Professor Amanda Reichelt-BrushettSchool of Environment, Science and Engineering
For innovative chemistry teaching, based on her science and arts scholarship, that develops student multifaceted problem-solving ability by combining scientific enquiry and creative thinking.


Dr Rob GarbuttSchool of Arts and Social Sciences
For enabling students in the arts and social sciences to successfully make the transition into university culture as beginning students and as beginning researchers.


Marilyn ChaselingSchool of Education
For a capstone unit that empowers Bachelor of Education (Primary) pre-service teachers to launch their teaching careers

SCU Teaching Awards

SCU’s Teaching Awards, the Vice Chancellor’s Citations, are offered annually in two categories:

The Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning recognise the work of staff whose work has had a significant impact on student learning over an extended period.

The Citations for Excellence in Student Engagement recognise the work of staff on short-term or casual contracts in a specific context over one or two years.

A comprehensive program supports applicants to reflect on their teaching, identify appropriate evidence, and write a statement in the style required for the awards.

The Awards program is currently being reviewed. Any feedback and suggestions for 2019 can be forwarded to the Awards Coordinator, Cathryn McCormack.

Recipients of Vice Chancellor’s Citations

2018 Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

Peter Cook, School of Education
For developing innovative approaches to teaching Dance through online delivery that motivates and inspires students for their future classrooms

Angela Turner, School of Education

For preparing students toward successful Design and Technology teaching careers through online learning, facilitated through highly accomplished interpersonal skills, well-structured, informative and engaging learning experiences

Marketing Principles Teaching Team: Tania von der Heidt (Team Leader), Joanne Phythian, David Spriggs, Kirstie McClean, Maxine Hawker, Evi Lanasier, Noel Agustin, Emmanuel Aquino, Julie Francis, Janne Palthe, Sevasti Tsipidis, Vicki Hetherington, Peter Reynolds, Constantin Alba, Pauline Allin, Sarah Keast, Kenneth Yap, School of Business and Tourism

For innovatively cultivating learning and practice of creativity in a large, multi-location, diverse first year Marketing Principles unit

Sample application statements are available in the SoTL Blackboard workgroup:

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