Strategies and Approaches

The consensus is that there is no single best way to develop English Language Proficiency (ELP). A number of complementary approaches are recommended. At SCU, ELP is supported through an integrated curricula approach and through student self-assessment tools.

Embedding/Integration in Curricula

Contextualisation of academic English within disciplines and integration of language development across the curriculum is more likely to be effective than ad hoc remedial activities. This integrated, contextualised approach aims to develop students' ELP through a variety of means. This can include embedding language development through curriculum design and assessment, targeted workshops within a unit, online resources linked in unit Blackboard sites, and targeted individual or group support.

Student Self-assessment Tools

In 2013 SCU introduced an Academic Language Self-Assessment so that students can gain an indication of their readiness to engage with the kinds of English associated with their studies. It can tell them whether they are likely to need support and advise appropriate support options. The self-assessment can be accessed from a number of points on the SCU website, including through the Centre for Teaching and Learning website.