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What is the difference between IoC and Cultural Competence?

IoC is different to Cultural Competence*. Cultural Competence is the basis for the SCU Graduate Attribute 7. This is a commitment by SCU to equip graduates to be able to engage effectively with diverse cultural and indigenous perspectives, in both global and local settings. IoC is not a graduate attribute but rather the practice of 'internationalising' the curriculum at course and unit levels through curriculum design and well-chosen learning strategies.

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* Cultural Competency (CC) is defined as "an ability to engage with diverse cultural and Indigenous perspectives in both global and local settings".

Internationalisation of the Curriculum


Internationalisation of Curriculum (IoC) refers to integrating global, international and multicultural dimensions into university learning. It is both strategic and practical. From a strategic perspective IoC is an essential component of the broader concept of internationalisation in higher education. This takes into consideration the increasing diversity and global mobility of students, and the growth in international partnerships between universities.

On a practical level, IoC aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to understand and make the connections between local, national and global contexts.