How to use Turnitin

Turnitin's Originality Check is used at SCU to help students develop academic writing skills and avoid plagiarism.

Turnitin is web-based software that checks the originality of written student assignments against a range of sources (e.g. internet data, previous student assignments, publications databases).

When students submit their assignment electronically, Turnitin produces an 'Originality Report' highlighting any sections of text in the submitted assignment that match other sources.

This provides a targeted mechanism for students to check their work, and make any changes necessary to referencing or written expression before submitting their final assignment for marking.

It is University policy to require the use of originality checking software in all SCU coursework award units and higher degree theses unless specific exemption is granted by the relevant Head of School.

Note: It is not recommended that you use Blackboard rubrics because of the workflows they create. If you wish to use a Blackboard rubric to return feedback to students for a Turnitin assignment you will need to create a second column in the Grade Centre and attach the Blackboard rubric. For instruction to do this download the PDF document below.

The Uploading Feedback to Students section of the Working with Turnitin Assignments and the Grade Centre - Turnitin Grade Centre alternate view

  • Targeted originality reports for students prior to assessment submission
  • Promotes academic integrity through individualised feedback
  • Reduces plagiarism
  • Fully integrated within your Learning Site
  • Now includes Grademark allowing for inline marking of Turnitin submissions.

Comprehensive information about using Turnitin at SCU is available from the following links:

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Creating a rubric or grading form

The Turnitin website offers a searchable help section.