What is Blackboard?


MySCU is the University's customised version of the Blackboard Learn learning management system that supports the delivery and management of units of study in SCU courses. Every unit in every SCU course has its own MySCU Learning Site accessible to enrolled students during session. The Learning Site is used by teaching staff to present and distribute learning materials to students, facilitate student interaction using a range of electronic communication tools, assess student learning in a variety of ways, and centrally store and manage assessment results and feedback while monitoring student progress towards successful unit completion. MySCU provides teaching staff with sufficient freedom and flexibility to use their unit's Learning Site to best meet their delivery needs.

For help with the use of MySCU, choose from the following links:

Build content

Student interaction


Monitor student performance

In addition to these resources, assistance with using MySCU is also available at the Blackboard Support for Staff Users Workgroup Site which includes announcements of new MySCU features, tips and tricks as well as a support and training Collaborate room where MySCU staff development workshops and drop-in sessions take place.

General assistance with using and working with Blackboard is available from the Blackboard Help website. When accessing these resources, be sure to take into account the differences between the generic Blackboard help provided and MySCU's customised version.

Blackboard Help tips (PDF)