Monitor student performance

In addition to tracking student submissions and results in the Grade Centre, MySCU includes a range of useful tools that enable teaching staff to monitor the level of student engagement, activity and performance so student issues can be quickly identified and prompt action taken to maximise the likelihood of successful unit completion. There are three primary Blackboard tools used to monitor student performance: the Retention Centre, the Performance Dashboard and Site Reports.

The Retention Centre is used by teaching staff to discover which students may be at risk due to factors such as missing assessment deadlines, poor grades, below average activity or no recent Learning Site access. The Retention Centre requires no setup, generates useful data from the commencement of the teaching session and is stored by MySCU automatically, so it can be used very early in a teaching session to monitor your students' progress and determine which students require additional attention, interaction and/or intervention to improve their engagement with the unit content and increase their chances of successful unit completion. Effective use of the Retention Centre, combined with prompt remedial action, will help to minimise student attrition in your unit.

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The Performance Dashboard is a table that gives an at-a-glance overview of current activity data for all Learning Site users. Activity data available via the Performance Dashboard includes student information, date/time of last access, days since last access, review status, adaptive release, discussion board posts, Retention Centre alerts and links to grades.

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You can view information about usage and activity in your Learning Site using MySCU's Site Reports tool. A variety of reports are available and can be produced in PDF, Word, Excel or HTML formats. Once generated, a report can be viewed and/or saved for later use and maintaining student records.

Site Reports